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Waterless cooking is the healthiest way to prepare your food.  And NSP NatureSeal provides the best system for waterless cooking.  It's perfect for health-conscious people who want to eliminate unnecessary oils and fats from the cooking process. When you cook foods using their own natural juices, you retain more of the vitamins, minerals, nutrients, color and taste.
Now NSP has improved on perfection! 

Reap the benefits of the fantastic features of new NatureSeal:
*Five-ply construction with aluminum core sealed inside stainless steel surfaces.  Food does not contact aluminum.
*Even heat distribution for better cooking.
*Low-temperature cooking.  Cooking with less heat, grease or oxidation.
*Energy-efficient operation.
*Tight seal allows food to cook in own juices. Reduces need to peel, 
  core, boil or fry.
With its low-temperature process, our beautiful, easy-to-use NatureSeal cookware allows you to cook slowly and evenly to mazimize the value of your food, in taste, aroma and nutrition.

Lifetime Warrantee!
Handles and Knobs
     The improved handles are more ergonomic, stylish, cooler-to-the touch and safer.  The brackets that hold these handles in place have been improved for added strength and for maintaining a tighter fit to the pan-and they're removable!  The stainless steel heat guards are larger - to keep the handles cooler when cooking.  And now you can hang your NatureSeal cookware in the kitchen easily.  The knobs are larger to better match the new design, and the fingerguard is more heat-resistant and more durable.   Handles are dishwasher safe and oven safe to 350°F
     NatureSeal cookware now has a more contemporary-styled cover design, and it's curved slightly.  This makes the covers stronger and allows them to form a more effective moisture seal. Flipping these covers over will allow for easy stack cooking.
Construction Features
     Of course, the new NatureSeal cookware is 5-ply construction, made using the finest 304 stainless steel.  The uniform engineering of NatureSeal still allows you to "stack cook" your meals. 
     For example, place a roaster in the 8-quart pan, brown on both sides and add onions.  Then, place the high dome cover on top of the roaster.  In a 3-quart pan, place vegetables such as broccoli, corn and sliced carrots.  Cover and place over medium heat.  When the lid is hot to the touch, turn the burner off and stack the 3 quart pan on top of the high dome cover and it will continue cooking!
This is the last set of cookware you will ever need to Purchase! NatureSeal is designed to last a lifetime!
Lifetime Warrantee!
Stack Cooking at it's finest!
® is designed to cook from the sides, bottom and top. The even heat distribution makes stack cooking possible.
**available while supplies last

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Beyond its multi-ply, vapor seal advantages, NatureSeal cookware is designed with the user in mind.

Self-storing covers: The lids, when inverted, nest perfectly in the pan for easy storage. No searching for the right lid – it's with the pan.

Burn-safe knobs and finger guards: The knob rests on a finger guard that prevents your fingers from touching the hot lid. Both the knob and guard are made of heat resistant materials – oven safe to 400? (on "bake"). The knob also has a brass fitting, not plastic, so it does not expand and strip. The handles and knobs are also dishwasher safe.

Extra safe handle: The long handle is secured to the pan with a hidden, stainless steel bolt. This bolt screws into a fitting, which is welded to the outside of the pan. This fitting is enclosed in a stainless steel heat guard that helps dissipate heat before it reaches the handle where it is grasped. The heat guard fits together with the main handle piece forming a T-lock that prevents the handle from swiveling or turning.

"Comfort fit" grip: The long handle is designed with a special grip that allows it to fit comfortably in your hand and makes it easy to hold.

No rivets or rolled edges: Grease and food particles can be trapped around rivets and rolled edges, making them difficult to clean.

Warp resistant bottom: The bottom of the pan is designed to assure the utensil hugs the burner for maximum heating efficiency. This feature makes NatureSeal cookware practical for all types of ranges, including smooth glass top surface ranges.

NatureSeal  manufactures the world's finest cookware – the nutritional cooking system that meets your demands for healthy cooking that's easy and energy efficient. Our skilled crafts people produce this premium aluminum core, stainless steel cookware with the care and pride that have been the hallmark of our product since our first pans were introduced in 1939.

Vapor Seal Cover Design

The heavy-fitting covers are designed to form a vapor seal with the shoulder of the utensil.

Heat Resistant Fittings

Handles, knobs and finger guards stay cool.

Stainless Steel Bolt

Runs entire handle for strength and safety

Stainless Steel Ferrule

Protects the handle from heat. Its T-Lock construction adds firmness.

Warp Resistant Bottom
The utensil hugs the burner for maximum heating efficiency. Practical for all types of ranges.

The Vapor Seal Method

Mother nature designed food to give us everything we need—naturally. Food contains abundant flavor, vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, and color. However, many cooking methods can rob food of its natural qualities.
Fortunately, NatureSeal's vapor seal, waterless, greaseless cookware saves money, work, time, energy, flavor, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

"Waterless, greaseless" cooking is possible because a vapor seal is created around the lid; and heat is distributed evenly across the bottom and up the sides of the cookware.

This process cooks food in its own natural liquids for nutritious, flavor-filled meals. Food shrinkage is greatly reduced, making waterless, greaseless cooking more economical than ordinary cooking methods. The vapor seal is maintained by using low heat. Thus, NatureSeal is the most energy efficient cookware on the market.

The vapor seal method retains the nutritional value of your food by eliminating the processes that drain food of its natural goodness. Peeling fruits and vegetables removes the vitamins and minerals directly beneath the skin. We do not recommend you peel these foods; a good scrub is all that is necessary.

Boiling sterilizes food, dissolves water soluble minerals, and destroys both the flavor and color. The vapor seal method cooks food completely in in its own natural moisture, without added water and without boiling.

High temperature destroys vitamins and minerals and causes food shrinkage. For example, when you smell a roast cooking in the oven you are really smelling the natural meat juices that have been transformed into vapor. The high temperature combined with open cooking greatly adds to meat shrinkage. The vapor seal method cooks meats on medium to low heat, retaining the natural juices which tenderize and flavor the meat. This method also retains the natural juices and flavor and greatly decreases meat shrinkage.

Oxidation of food occurs when cooking without a cover exposes food to the air, greatly reducing the quality of the food. These qualities are locked into food when the vapor seal is formed, keeping the aroma in the pan. For example, you will not know if broccoli or cabbage is being cooked until the cover is removed from the pan.

Lastly, grease—adding fats and oils in food preparation makes food seven times harder to digest, as well as adding excessive calories. Using the vapor seal, the foods' natural properties keep them from sticking. Plus, the vapor seal retains natural flavors. The need for added butter and oils after cooking is not necessary to restore flavor.

Vapor seal cooking is very different from traditional cooking because you do not need to add moisture or fats. Everything else you already know about cooking applies, once you know the vapor seal basics.

The Simple Basic Rules
Always use the correct size pan, one that the food most almost nearly fills. Cooking with a pan too large for the food quantity can destroy vitamins and minerals, dry your foods, and possibly cause your food to burn.

Create a Vapor Seal

Fill a pan with fresh or frozen vegetables. Rinse in cold water then drain. Enough water clings to the food to combine with natural juices to cook food in its own moisture. Cover the pan, place on a burner, and turn burner to medium heat. When lid is hot to the touch, or vapor escapes around the lid and the lid can be spun freely, the vapor seal has formed. Reduce heat to low and continue cooking on low until done. This is the waterless part of this new cooking. If you cook several vegetables together with no water there will be no interchange of flavor. Each vegetable will be full of its own flavor and valuable nutrients.

Control the Heat

Waterless, greaseless cooking is a low-temperature method that can be used on any type of stove. Lower heat retains moisture and keeps food from burning. The following are general rules for heat use.

Use Lower Temperature Settings

One of the benefits of NatureSeal cookware is the way it conducts heat - on low. One common mistake is using a heat setting that is too high. Keep this in mind - a perfect cake can bake in NatureSeal on top of the range on LOW. To bake the same cake in the oven would require 350ºF (180ºC)! Because of the aluminum core across the bottom and up the sides of the pan, heat conducts evenly, requiring lower temperatures. Think of a pan and cover as a mini-oven on top of your stove. Leave the cover in place, the same as you leave an oven door shut. To bake cakes, spray the pan with non-stick cooking spray (or lightly grease) - fill the pan half full with batter, and cover. Start cooking on medium heat for five minutes, then reduce to low heat. Cook accordingly to time listed on recipe directions.

Understanding Waterless Cooking
Rinse and freshen vegetables. Pour off excess water, cover utensil, set on low heat, and remember not to peek. Every time you raise the cover you allow the moisture to escape. Be sure you are using the correct pan. The vegetables should fill or almost fill the pan. Too much air is like a sauna in a ballroom - it does not work.

If the food has moisture like vegetables you can retain the moisture—if it is dried, such as rice, pasta, or dried beans, you will need to add some water.

Enjoy Greaseless Cooking
You may prepare your foods WITHOUT added oils and fats. Remember, you are cooking on a stainless steel surface. To prepare steaks, preheat the utensil on medium to medium-high heat until water drops "dance" when sprinkled on the pan. Place steaks in the pan (take care in placing your steaks as they will immediately begin to sear, temporarily sticking to the surface, and you should not move them until they are ready to turn). After 4-5 minutes try to lift a corner of your steak, do not force, the meat releases itself. When that side is seared, turn and cook to your steak preference. 

To sauté onions and garlic, simply use medium-low heat and cover the pan — they sauté in their own moisture...no oil is needed. If olive oil is added, it's added for the flavor so often less is used. Most meats, chicken, chops, and fish have natural fats and oils, so you do not need to add them. Eggs have no natural oil — you need to spray the pan with vegetable cooking spray or use a small amount of butter or margarine.

Practice Regular Cleaning

Use a stainless steel cleaner regularly. Your NatureSeal cookware performs best when very clean.

How to Get the Most From Your NatureSeal Cookware System

Stack Cooking Brings Out the Best in Your 5-PlyStack cooking is a method of using your NatureSeal cookware that employs two of NatureSeal's exceptional features: five-ply construction and matching diameters. When stack cooking, you can prepare an entire meal, from main course through dessert, on one burner.As you can imagine, with that type of efficiency, stack cooking will save you money on energy usage. It will also save you time. And, maybe most of all, you'll enjoy the greater convenience and freedom it provides.

Why Stack Cooking Works
When you purchased your NatureSeal pans, you acquired a "nutritional cooking system." The ability to stack cook is one of the reasons we call the cookware a system. Our engineers specifically designed your NatureSeal utensils to work together to cook food more efficiently.

Hot From Bottom to Top
Stack cooking NatureSeal cookware is successful because the five-ply metal construction conducts heat evenly across the bottom and up the sides of the unit, then transfers heat to the next pan.
Using a digital pyrometer, we measured the temperature of the stack configuration shown. After one hour of cooking over low heat the top cover maintained 92.3% of its original temperature. Five-ply moves heat along so efficiently and thoroughly that the top pan cooks as if it were sitting on a burner itself! That's using synergy instead of energy. Smart cooking.

A Close Fit Family
The diameters of your NatureSeal pans were calculated so that various pans could be inverted and used as covers on top of other pans. This cover provides a shelf for another pan. Now that's valuable versatility!

What Can You Do With Your Pans?

Have some fun and try out combinations for yourself with your NatureSeal collection. You'll be amazed at how many combinations this valuable system yields, In fact, we engineered 32 basic variations into the entire system.

Get the most out of your nutritional cooking system by using the stack cooking method. Enjoy the convenience, and savings of money and time.

Try Your First Stack Cooked Meal Tonight
Stack cooking is truly easy. Just remember a couple of things:
1. As with all cooking in NatureSeal pans, fill each pan to the top with the food to be cooked.
2. Heat the pans to be stacked to the point at which they reach the vapor seal before you stack them. Stacking the pans lets the food finish cooking or, if you desire, just keeps it warm.

Ready to give stack cooking a try? Prepare the following delicious meal entirely on one burner.

1. Begin cooking a roast as normal in the six-quart roaster: Heat the pan to the point where water drops dance on the bottom. Then sear the roast (about a five-pound one) on all sides.
2. Place accompanying vegetables (washed but unpeeled, sliced carrots; quartered potatoes; etc.) around the roast. You do not need to put any water in the roaster.
3. Place the steamer rack or large rack in the roaster. Put prepared cake mix in the thermo server, cover it tightly with foil, and set on rack. Then put the high dome cover on the roaster. When the high dome cover is warm to the touch, lower the heat.
4. Pre-heat a small pan (1 quart or 2 quart) of cored apple or vegetables on medium heat until the lid is hot to the touch and the vapor seal is achieved. Turn off the burner and set the pan on top of the high dome cover.
The whole meal will cook in about 50 minutes!
More Recipes>>
Throw away all those ALUMINIUM AND  TEFLON COATED PANS. Get rid of DANGEROUS COOKING AND BAKING SHEETS and replace it with Natureseal® Stainless Steel waterless cookware. Remove the toxic chemical residue from your food and Improve your health by upgrading to Natureseal®.  This is the healthiest way to prepare your food!
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