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The Juice Factory 2000
High yield, pulp-free juicer
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Product Name: Juice Factory 2000
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The Juice Factory 2000 is not available at this time but you can email me for information about replacement parts and repairs.
    The Juice Factory 2000 extracts the maximum amount of juice per pound of vegetables and fruits.  It extracts 20-30 % more juice than pulp-ejector type juicers according to independent laboratory tests. Unlike the blender or liquefier, it actually separates the juice from the pulp.   It's large capacity allows you to make juice for the entire family in only one preparation.  From start to finish, your freshly perpared juice will contact only surgical stainless steel.  Washing takes only minutes.

    The Juice Factory 2000's exclusive design eliminates "walking" and  virtually all vibration when in operation.  Precise balancing and only the finest engineering assures you a smooth, quiet operation every time.
It's Heavy Duty Construction, the Juice Factory 2000 is U.L. approved for both home or commercial use, and is guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for a fifteen year period. 
*Manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A.
*Not Sold in Stores

Why A Juicer?
Superior Nutrition:

One tall glass of fresh juice provides you with the equivalent benefits from eating several pounds of fruits and vegetables.

Quick Energy Lift:

The nutrients contained in a glass of fresh juice are absorbed within minutes, requiring almost no digestion as with solid foods. You will feel an immediate energy boost right when you need it.

Diet Control:
Low calorie, fresh vegetables and fruit juices should be included in any weight reduction program to provide vitamin and mineral nourishment while lowering caloric intake.

You'll Look Better:

The extra nutrients contained in fresh juices are vital in producing a clear and radiant complexion, healthy teeth and gums, strong bones, glowing hair and a vibrant alertness.

Eases Chewing and Digestion Problems:

Individuals with problems such as these can once again enjoy the taste and health benefits of vegetables and fruits by drinking an easy-to-digest liquid.

Healthy Children:

Finiky eaters will enjoy drinking many delicious and nutritious juices.

Save Money:

Prepare fresh juices in your own home that are tastier, more nutritious... and cost much less than other juices.
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