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   Nature's Sunshine's weight-loss programs are for people who are serious about losing weight, getting in shape, feeling better, increasing energy and improving their overall health. It is important to understand that health is not achieved overnight. NSP does not offer any quick fixes!  It is an ongoing process and requires consistent healthful changes in our everyday lives.
     A recent nationwide survey found that 76 percent of U.S. adults are overweight, and Forty million of these people are obese (more than 20 percent over their ideal weight). Obesity Increases the risk of many diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, hight blood pressure, liver and gallbladder diseases, breast cancer and colon cancer.   
     NSP espouses a sound, four pillar approach to controlling weight:
nutrition, exercise, supplementation and support. NSP weight-loss programs provide effective nutritional support with herbs, vitamins and minerals backed by tradition and modern research.

A Vital Key to Health:  Good Nutrition
     Although there are many principles of good health, one of the most important is proper nutrition. Wise food selection is critical to good health.
     What is true health and well-being? To be truly healthy is to be whole. The word health even comes from the same root as the word whole. Unfortunately, many people equate health with merely the absence of disease, and these individuals hardly consider their health... until  after they have lost it.
     Health involves three important concepts: balance, harmony and joy.  A truly healthy person possesses all of these elements. When we are whole, our bodies are in balance and our spirits are in harmony with our surroundings. The result is a wonderful feeling of well being. Health isn't just the absence of disease; it goes beyond just feeling "normal."  To be truly healthy is to have a zest for life and the ability to enjoy wholesome, joyful activity.

The Wonderful Machine

     More han 100 years ago American herbalist Samuel Thomson compared the body to a furnace that needs both air and fuel to function. The furnace burns air and fuel to create energy. In the process, it eliminates the smoke while the residue, or ash, falls away. If high-quality fuel and sufficient oxygen are used in the furnace, it burns clean and hot with minimal waste. However, if poor fuel or too little air is present, the fuel smolders and produces a great deal of ash and smoke.
     Actually, one could also compare the human body to a high-performance machine made to burn high-performance fuel and produce large amounts of energy. The body can't work efficiently if we throw in low-grade fuel such as junk foods. When people complain they are tired and don't have enough energy, they should take a close look at what they're eating. Are they using low-quality fuel, resulting in their internal furnaces burning poorly?

Eliminating Waste
     Natural health care seeks not only to provide the body with a nutritious diet, but also to open up the eliminative channels to keep the internal furnace hot and clean. 
     Why? The ability to absorb dietary nutrients is only part of being healthy.To keep its internal furnace fuctioning properly, the body also needs to eliminate toxic waste. In fact, healthy elimination is a part of good nutrition. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, taught that illness results from man's inability to properly digest his food and eliminate waste. 
     This view is the foundation of every modern natural health philosophy.

Healthful Changes

     What kind of dietary changes should people make if their goal is improved health? They can begin by avoiding the five whites: refined sugar, refined flour, table salt, white rice and white fat (or highly hydrogenated and saturated fats - as well  as Trans Fats). One should gradually replace them with healthier substitutes. See below for more ideas for substitutions. 
     Individuals should also avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetable, whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes; consume meat sparingly. In general, the closer foods are to their natural state, the better they are for us.
     When basic concepts of natural health are applied on a consistent basis, the body can usually take care of its natural processes with amazing efficiency. Almost anyone can understand and follow these simple, tried-and-true principles of health. 

An Education in Fat Cells

     We are all born with an inherited number of specialized fat cells that store energy. These stores can be used when we run low on fuel.  But if your body lacks the nutrients or hormones needed to properly control weight, it will store too much fat and lose some if its ability to burn it for energy. Most people who can't seem to lose weight find themselves in this condition. 
     One sure way to ask for trouble is to eat too much of anything, thereby encouraging fat storage, or to eat too little, which throws the body into survival ("store everything as fat") mode. Eating several small meals during the day is better.
     Stored fat cannot be converted to glucose fuel without certain nutrients. For example,
DHEA-M, DHEA-F, Co-Q10 and l-carnitine are compounds that work together in turning fat into fuel. The whole process is overseen by the hypothalamus in the brain, which can command a higher fat-burning rate by sending chemical messengers to the thyroid gland.
Products which nutritionally support a Weight Loss Program
Carbo Grabbers (60)
Cellu-Smooth w/ Coleus
Cellu-Tone Essential Oil (5 ml)
Clean Start Cinnamon
Clean Start Wildberry
Collatrim Capsules
Collatrim Plus Liquid
Dieter's Cleanse (14 day)
Fat Grabbers (120)
Fat Grabbers (360)
Garcinia Combination
Homeopathic Appetite Control
MetaboMax EF
MetaboStart EF
Nature's Hoodia Formula (90)
Nature's Weight Loss Shaker
Nutri-Burn - Chocolate Fudge
Nutri-Burn - Vanilla
SF (Skinny Formula)
Stevia Powder Extract
Stevia Powder Packets
Super GLA Oil Blend
Ultimate Greenzone capsules
Ultimate GreenZone
Xylitol (1 lb. bag)
Ephedra Products have been discontinued USA wide as of April 12, 2004. Please refer to above list for our Ephedra Free (EF) replacement products.
Visit our Specials page for Sales on Vitamins & Minerals.
Maintain the healthy lifestyle you have worked so hard for by learning about which supplements will keep you healthiest! 
What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?
*Also Very  important - pH Balancing
It All Begins With Digestion

It all begins with Digestion

Raw, uncooked fruits and vegetable and cultured foods such as yogurt are an excellent source of enzymes, and should be eaten at every meal to help digestion of other foods.  Without enzymes, digestion of these foods falls upon the digestive organs, putting stress particularly on the stomach and pancreas.

These major plant enzymes are found in NSP's Proactazyme Plus:
•Protease - an enzyme used to digest proteins.
•Lipase - an enzyme that breaks down fats.
•Amylase and Glucoamylase - enzymes that supplement the secretions of the siliva and aid the digestion of starches.
•Cellulase and Pectinase - enzymes that help process plant fibers like cellulose.
Proactazyme Plus aids in the digestion of all food groups except dairy foods, which require the enzyme lactase.  Lactase helps break down the sugars in milk.  NSP recommends that you start your health-bulding programs with Proactazyme.

Other NSP Enzymes available include:
Food Enzymes, Hi Lipase, Lactase Plus, PDA, Protease High Potency, Protease Plus,   and S.O.D
NSP Probiotics:  Acidophilus (Milk Free), Bifidophilus Flora Force, L. Reuteri, Probiotic Eleven
Facts About Exercise
  "There is no drug in current or prospective use that holds as much
promise for sustained health as a lifetime program of physical exercise".
   Dr. Bortz, Department of Medicine at Palo Alto, California Medical Center.

Physical Benefits of Exercise
Strengthens heart
Strengthens lungs
Can lengthen lifespan
Helps prevent  heart disease
Assists weight management
Lowers blood sugar
Lowers cholesterol
Controls symptoms of PMS for many women
Strengthens immunity (done in excess, can weaken immunity)
Improved glandular function
Improves nervous system function
• Improves appearance (better muscle tone, more self-confidence and poise)
Improves skin tone (increases blood flow to the skin and helps the body eliminate toxins that would otherwise harm skin)
Increase burning of calories (metabolism remains increased several hours after exercise ends)
• Moves lymph throughout the body, thus cleansing and toxin removal takes place
Practical Ways to Get More Exercise
• Park your car further from your shopping place.
• Take a walk at break time during work.
• Mow the lawn with push mower rather than the sit down style
• Shovel snow rather than use a snow blower.
• Weed the garden, flower beds, etc.
• Go for a walk after dinner.
• Use the stairs rather than the elevator.
• Play games with your kids/grandkids.
• Run/walk/march in place while watching television.
• Buy a dog and walk him every day.
• Turn on some music and Dance
Psychological Benefits of Exercise
• Helps you think more clearly, possibly by increasing oxygen flow to the brain
• Studies show it may be more effective than drugs in lifting depression.  Stimulates endorphins, "feel good" chemicals.
• Helps the body eliminate toxins (toxins in the body may have some association with depression, anxiety, and other mental/emotional challenges).
• Helps one gain a sense of being more in control of his/her life.
Eliminate the 5 Whites from your diet
How much Exercise Do you Need?
  The idea of having to knock yourself out with hard exercise to reap health benefits is outdated. Moderate exercise, such as wallking 30 to 60 minutes three or four times per week, will allow you to reap the benefits of exercise listed above. In fact, overexercise can actually lead to decreased immunity, weakened bones and joints, and generally lowered health.
#1   White Flours (ie Pasta and Bread) These have been stripped of nutrients and enzymes and act only as a paste in your system.  Many brands also contain many preservatives, dyes and additives which add to its "deadened" state.
*Switch to flourless bread, sprouted bread, 100% stoneground whole wheat. Ultimately Health food stores offer the best alternative, truly "alive" with  nutrients and enzymes.
*Add whole grain cereals - ie. Amaranth, Barley, Buckwheat, Millet, Quinoa, Oats.

#2   Processed White Sugar - toxic - extremely acidic
*substitute - Xylitol (excellent alternative for Diabetics) Has a low glycemic value - available through NSP in 1 lb. bags.
looks and tastes like table sugar, but it’s a natural, low-calorie, low-carb substitute. Xylitol was discovered over 100 years ago and has been widely used for many decades. It can be used to sweeten foods and beverages or in cooking and baking (although it is not recommended for use in pastries or hard candy). Xylitol does not promote tooth decay as it helps prevent bacteria from adhering to teeth. It is safe for use by diabetics, children and pregnant women.
*substitute - Stevia (an alternative  Diabetics can use also) - Available through NSP in the form of powder or packets
*also try Sucanat (Natural Sugar Cane) - is sugar in its most natural form. It is extracted from the sugar cane and the freshly squeezed juice is evaporated by a special Swiss process. Only the water is removed  This process preserves all of the molasses. Sucanat is organically grown with no added preservatives and additives. You can usually find this in a health food store

White Table Salt - contains aluminum and doesn't metabolize.
*substitute - Sea Salt or vegie salt

#4   White Rice - Stripped of all nutrients, it's nutritious bran and endosperm have been romoved - empty calories. 
*Switch to Whole Grain Brown Rice which is rich in fiber, low in sodium and fat, cholesterol free, and is composed almost 80% of complex carbohydrates with only a little protein, phosphorus and potassium. The entire grain is intact and full of nutrients. 

White Fat - turns to solid at room temperature - ie. crisco, and margarine
Also eliminate products which profess hydrogenated, partially hydrogenated, trans fats and saturated fats - these fats have been processed so many times that by the time it reaches your digestive system, it can no longer be processed. They can not be properly and  suffiently eliminated from your body. These oils contribute to diseases such as clogged arteries, gland congestion,  heart disease and obesity.  It is better to eat small amounts of pure whole butter than it is to use the fake shortenings.
  *substitute - cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, flax seed oil, macademia oil. 
*Make better butter by mixing  pure butter with flax seed oil. Let stick of butter soften, add in 3 tbsp or more flax seed oil and mix. Refrigerate. Delicious on toast or on anything you would normally use butter for. The flax seed oil gives it a slightly nutty flavor.
Improve the Quality of your Drinking Water
The Body's Need for Good Water    
     The body is about 70 percent water.  Even bones are 22 percent water, and the muscles that move them are 75 percent water. In light of those facts, the body's need for an untainted water supply is clear. With the public becoming more aware of serious poisoning in many municipal systems, more people are reaching for alternatives to tap water. Nature's Sunshine has the finest option for household or portable use. 
     Many people assume that chlorine does not harm the human body as it kills various bacteria in the water. But tests show otherwise. And microorganisms aren't the only potential health hazard in water. Heavy metals such as lead and cadmium can and do get into some public drinking water. In addition, various herbicides, pesticides and farming chemicals have seeped into deep well water over the years. Just a few toxic parts per million parts of pure water can be enough to build up toxic levels in the body over time.
Humans may live for a month or more without food, but only a few days without water; only oxygen is more important. Each day, the body loses up to three quarts of water. A loss of only 10-20% of the body's water content could be fatal.
     Fortunately, few of us are in danger of dehydration. But there is much more to water than simply avoiding dehydration. Our bodies are designed to use pure water in every system to maintain life and health.  Water is critical to everything we do.

Water You Can Feel Good About

     Just as quality of fuel you use in your car affects its performance, the quality of water you drink has tremendous impact on your body's performance. If you take in polutants, your body's efforts to keep you healthy and strong are compromised. Good water will go a long way in helping you reach your health goals.
     In today's society, it is difficult to find pure water sources. Years ago, we needed to be concerned only about natural wastes and pollutants, such as bacteria, solids (like, sand and debris), inorganic minerals, and decayed organic compounds. Now, however, modern chemicals have contributed to pollution in rivers, lakes, streams, and even some deeper underground reserves.
     Not all our drinking water is contaminated. More and more people, however, are taking steps to ensure that their water is as pure as possible.
     The easiest and most economical way to do this is to treat the water as it enters the home or as it leaves the faucet. Nature's Sunshine has provide a way for consumers to improve the quality of their drinking water with the
Nature's Spring Reverse Osmosis water treatment system.
Outline your own simple ABC+D Program

Review the ABC+D program below, and devise a nutritional program best suited to your unique needs.  Choose any category to begin.

A "Activate" the healing processes with exercise, deep breathing and health-promoting thoughts (which affect glandular balance).  Eat more raw foods grown in good soil. Use supplements (such as Proactazyme) to assist and revitalize the digestive system, the key to all of the systems.

B "Build" weakened systems by providing more and better nutrients (including supplements such as UltimateBuild, Colloidal Minerals and Super Supplemental).

C "Cleanse" toxic conditions with pure water and natural products (such as CleanStart, Nature's Cleanse or Para-Cleanse).

D "Direct Aid" targets a specific concern you wish to resolve using good nutrition and supplements known to help the body heal those concerns.

If you are unsure which products would best help you, Please take the
Lifestyle Health Analysis to help you discover which health concerns you would like to focus on.  If you are still unsure which products would be best, consult your NSP Herb Specialist by clicking here.
Three Steps to Better Health:
Detoxification, Activation and Vital Nutrition
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