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Nature's Spring Reverse Osmosis
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The Nature's Spring® RO unit offers the most up to date methods for providing you with water the way nature intended it to be. For the past 17 years, Nature's Sunshine has offered a 3-stage Reverse Osmosis water treatment unit. However, with an ever increasing number of new water pollutants found in our drinking water as well as the use of chloramines, (chlorine and ammonia mixed together) as a disinfectant, there was a need to offer a new and improved reverse osmosis system to meet these challenges.

     *Must be used on potable water supplies
     *Requires water pressure (20 psi minimum)
     *Provides 35 gallons per day at 60 psi
     *Self-cleaning membrane
     *Yields, highly oxygenated, great tasting water
     *Effectively removes minerals and salts
     *Includes filter replacement timer with readout
     *Features sediment filter and 2 carbon filters
     *Easy-to-replace filters

Special Features:
     *Easy to use, it snaps onto your faucet.
     *Large, solid-block activated carbon pre- and post-filters
          mean extra-pure water.
     *Get 35 gallons of pure drinking water per day.
     *One unit works on all potable water supplies.
     *New timer with lights indicates when to change filters.
     *Easier to service.
     *No brass fittings.
     *New attractive countertop design.

Nature’s Spring Reverse Osmosis (RO) -
With years of expertise in the production of countertop reverse osmosis water treatment systems, Nature’s Sunshine has developed a new and improved Nature’s Spring RO device to meet the growing challenges facing our drinking water. This unit is still designed around a semi-permeable membrane that allows only pure water, oxygen and a small amount of minerals to pass through, while sending everything else down the drain. This technology has been used for decades to purify seawater into drinking water. When combined with the purifying abilities of activated carbon, reverse osmosis is a proven method for making great-tasting, high quality drinking water for your family. The new and improved Nature’s Spring is now a four-stage system that offers one unit for all city water systems and solid-block activated carbon in the pre- and post-filters. It also has a special timer with indicator lights so you know when to change the filters.
more product information
This unit weights about 14 lbs, and measures approx. 14.5 x 7 x 11.5. This smaller lighter unit makes it easy to take with you when you travel, and is considered a portable unit. 
When traveling to other areas & countries when there is excessive sediment, iron and chlorine in the source water the
External Sediment Filter unit w/ fitting (see below) is needed as a Pre-filter.
Download pdf file - Nature's Spring RO Flyer
The four stages of the new and improved Nature’s Spring RO unit:
Stage One

Water first enters a 5-micron pre-filter that is 12 inches long. It removes any large sediment or debris that may damage the membrane.
Stage Two
A solid-block, activated carbon filter (inside the sediment pre-filter) removes excess chlorine to protect the PA membrane and assists in removing chloramines.
Stage Three
An efficient Polyamide (PA) reverse osmosis membrane produces 35 gallons of purified, highly oxygenated drinking water per day. Reverse osmosis effectively reduces total dissolved solids, including fluoride, lead and cadmium.
Stage Four
A 12-inch, solid-block, activated carbon filter removes traces of any pollutants while improving the taste.
How the Body Uses Water






Uses of Water

Component of gastric juices, pancreatic fluids and saliva; transport of nutrients through digestive tract; dissolving nutrients.

Transport of nutrients and waste products in the blood and lymphatic fluids.

Transport of nutrients into cells for utilization.

Dissolving waste products of cells; transport of wate out of the body through kidneys, intestines, skin and lungs.

Component of sweat to hellp body maintain a constant temperature.

Joints and colon lubricated by fluid.
The Body's Need for Good Water   
     The body is about 70 percent water.  Even bones are 22 percent water, and the muscles that move them are 75 percent water. In light of those facts, the body's need for an untainted water supply is clear. With the public becoming more aware of serious poisoning in many municipal systems, more people are reaching for alternatives to tap water. Nature's Sunshine has the finest option for household or portable use. 
     Many people assume that chlorine does not harm the human body as it kills various bacteria in the water. But tests show otherwise. And microorganisms aren't the only potential health hazard in water. Heavy metals such as lead and cadmium can and do get into some public drinking water. In addition, various herbicides, pesticides and farming chemicals have seeped into deep well water over the years. Just a few toxic parts per million parts of pure water can be enough to build up toxic levels in the body over time.
Humans may live for a month or more without food, but only a few days without water; only oxygen is more important. Each day, the body loses up to three quarts of water. A loss of only 10-20% of the body's water content could be fatal.
     Fortunately, few of us are in danger of dehydration. But there is much more to water than simply avoiding dehydration. Our bodies are designed to use pure water in every system to maintain life and health.  Water is critical to everything we do.

Water You Can Feel Good About
    Just as quality of fuel you use in your car affects its performance, the quality of water you drink has tremendous impact on your body's performance. If you take in polutants, your body's efforts to keep you healthy and strong are compromised. Good water will go a long way in helping you reach your health goals.
     In today's society, it is difficult to find pure water sources. Years ago, we needed to be concerned only about natural wastes and pollutants, such as bacteria, solids (like, sand and debris), inorganic minerals, and decayed organic compounds. Now, however, modern chemicals have contributed to pollution in rivers, lakes, streams, and even some deeper underground reserves.
     Not all our drinking water is contaminated. More and more people, however, are taking steps to ensure that their water is as pure as possible.
     The easiest and most economical way to do this is to treat the water as it enters the home or as it leaves the faucet. Nature's Sunshine has provide a way for consumers to improve the quality of their drinking water with the Nature's Spring Reverse Osmosis water  treatment system.
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Miscellaneous Nature's Spring Water Treatment Accessories:
NSP's Polycarbonate gallon water bottles collect and store your water in jug-style bottles with screw-top lids.  Once pure, the water can then be stored for use. Remember, since chlorine is no longer in the water, it is susceptible to harboring germs from the air. Keep it covered and cool in a glass or polycarbonate container.
Nature's Spring Bottle - 2 gal (1) w/ spigot
Polycarbonate Bottle - 1 gal (2) w/o spigot
Polycarbonate Bottle - 5 gal (1) w/o spigot
2864-8  Rinse Water Tube - Carries water from sink spigot to RO Unit, and dumps unpure waste back to sink
Pure Water Kit - Brings RO Pure water from RO Unit to collection bottle

Replacement Filters:
1962-6   Nature's Spring RO - Pre Filter
1960-3   Nature's Spring RO - Postfilter
1958-8   Nature's Spring RO Membrane
Nature's Spring RO Replacement Set (Prefilter, Postfilter AND Membrane)

At this time, Nature's Sunshine only carries the
Nature's Spring Reverse Osmosis units, replacement filters and accessories listed above.
Nature's Sunshine has discontinued carrying The Nature's Spring I CA & Nature's Spring I PA Units, however, these units may be serviced and replacement filters and membranes for both units (see list below), may be found by calling Ozark Water Services  (479) 298-3483.

1905-0  Nature's Spring I - CA- Membrane
1900-8  Nature's Spring I - PA - Membrane
1734-7  Nature's Spring I - Pre Filter CA/PA
1735-0  Nature's Spring I - Post Filter CA/PA
External Pre-Filters:
12300-0 External Sediment Filter unit w/ fitting
1926-4   External Sediment Pre-Filter (CA membrane)
1925-6   External Carbon/Sed. Pre-Filter (PA membrane)
98189-5  Sediment Cartridge (CA unit) Replacement
97150-7  Carbon/Sed. Cartridge (PA unit) Replacement

Also available from Ozark Water Services:

1747-5  R.O.P.E. Test Kit (1) - R.O.P.E. Test Kit   allows you to send a water sample to our laboratory for periodic quality tests. This should be done at least once a year to ensure that your pre- and post- filters are still working properly. 
1907-6  Water Collection Accessories
1744-6  Water Pressure Gauge - Water Pressure Gauge  lets you test the water pressure before you use your unit. The higher the pressure the more efficiently the unit will function. The lowest pressure the unit can properly perform at is 40 psi (pounds per square inch).
Why should we filter our drinking water with a Nature's Spring Reverse Osmosis purifier?
Read this article published in NYTimes 12/17/09 >>>
I am so thankful that I have my NSP R.O. Pure Water Unit! ~Karen Doolan

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