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The following products have been shown to be beneficial to animals,
according to various sources and many avid herb users and specialists.
  290-0  Garlic (100) 
Garlic Oil (60)
A natural antibiotic. Animals love the flavor. Helps repel fleas especially when combined with "Three" decribed later.
Anti-Flea Soap:
1771-1  Tea Tree Oil  (0.5 fl. oz)
Kills fleas on contact. Add 10-15 drops to a bottle of shampoo and use regularly in your pet's bath. 
810-8   Joint Support (100)
Relieves joint stiffness and pain;  promotes agility.
Soothes sore, inflamed areas, and enriches milk in nursing mothers.
440-0  Marshmallow  (100)
Blessed Thistle  (100)
Cardiac/Circulatory Tonics:
  135-5  Butcher's Broom  (100)
Butchers rubbed this herb on chopping blocks because of its degreasing properties! Improves circulation. Especially valuable before and after surgery.
1796-4  CoQ10  Plus  (60)
4089-6  CoQ10-30mg  (60)
Heart, Dental & Energy production.
Use to strengthen the heart.  Hightly recommended when there is a foamy drool.
1760-0  Hawthorn Berries  (2 fl. oz)
HS II   (100)
1650-6  Vitamin E 100 IU (180)
The heart and circulation vitamin. Promotes health of the reproductive system too. 
1618-7  Tei-Fu Essential Oil  (0.15 fl.oz)

Tei Fu Massage Lotion  (4 fl.oz)
Use topically to stop bleeding from bites and scratches. Can be used on nose leather (just a tiny drop) to help breathing when there is congestion.
1683-7  Liquid Chlorophyll (16 fl. oz)
Helps build healthy blood and improve body odor. Add a squirt ore two to your pet's water dish every day. 
1878-8  AD-C  (100) Mood Elevator
1751-2  CBG  Extract (2 fl. oz)
For ear infections. Put drops in both ears 2 to 3 times daily until problem clears up.
Excellent for ear mites. Make into a tea (see EW for directions) and dab directly into the ear with a cotton swab. One application usually does the trick; but you might want to repeat to be safe.
  760-1  Yellow Dock  (100)
A combination of eyebright, bayberry, goldenseal and red raspberry. Use for eye infections, cataracts, glaucoma, and for improving vision. Most effective when used both internally and externally. To use externally, make a tea by emptying 1 capsule in a quarter cup of pure water. Strain the tea through cheesecloth. Apply the tea to the eyes with an eye dropper.
861-3  EW  (100)
Female Problems:
878-7  FCS-II  (100)
Builds Female System
Strengthens the uterus. A definite aid in labor and delivery. Helps prevent hemorrhaging; enriches and increases colostrum.
560-8  Red Raspberry (100)
Hair, Skin & Nails:
4059-4  MSM  (90)
Skin Disorders.
945-0  HSN-W  (100)
Nutrition for hair, skin, and nails.  Encourages healthy coats. Also helps maintain sound bones.
175-0  Una de Gato/Cat's Claw
Powerful Immune booster.
This Chinese combination strengthens the immune system to fight viruses.  Use at the first sign of a cold or runny nose. Also aids the liver and digestion.
3167-6  VS-C Liquid (2 fl. oz)
VS-C (100)
3180-1  Echinacea/Goldenseal  (2 fl. oz)
Echinacea (180)
Ultimate Echinacea  (2 fl. oz)
Stimulates the immune system.  Sprinkle capsules or liquid in food to keep your pet healthy. 
1072-4   All Cell Detox
Clean Blood, Dissolves Tumors.
3160-8  Blue Vervain (2 fl. oz)
Seizures, calming when traveling.
1794-1  LB Extract  (2 fl. oz)
Cleanse bowels - Intestines.
  803-2  BP-X  (100)
Blood Purifier.
  875-8 Energy-V  (100)
1750-1  Grapine w/ Protectors (90)
1774-2  Pau d' Arco Extract (2 fl. oz)
Pau d' Arco  (100)
Pau d' Arco lotion (4 fl. oz)
Helps reduce tumor/polyps, pain, fungus, warts, anemia.  Strengthens the immune system. The Argentine gov't gives out free to cancel and leukemia patients. Also for Parasites.
1360-4  E-Tea (100)
Native American herb for immune & blood.
  204-7  Olive Leaf Extract (60)
Powerful Immune System Support.
Gastrointestinal System:
1666-7  Acidophillus -Milk free (90)
Friendly bacteria. Aids digestion and elimination; keeps the unfriendly bacteria in check in the colon.  Antibiotics kill acidophillus.  Refrigerate to preserve potency. Add directly to food.
Excellent for diarrhea!  Soothes inflamed mucous membrane of the stomach, bowels, kidneys and any other irritated areas. Regulates the gastrointestinal system, helping with constipation as well as diarrhea.
  670-7 Slippery Elm  (100)
1011-4  LIV-J  (100)
Helps liver congestion, gallstones, hepatitis, diabetes, ulcers, edema, congested lymphatic glands.
Kidney Aids:
  395-6  Hydrangea (100)
K  (100) kidney activator
Marshmallow  (100)
Use for kidney stones, urine leakage, urinary tract infections.
HVP- Herbal Sleep
Valerian Root (100)
Strengthens nerves, promotes restful sleep with a refreshed (not groggy) awakening.
  405-9  Kava Kava Concentrate (60)
Relax sore, tired muscles.  Promote a more relaxed attitude.
Pro-Pancreas (100)
Helps body regulate blood sugar.
Amino Acid, Chelated to a specific mineral, targeted to go to the pancreas.
2810-1  Target P-14   (100)
1298-8 Auurvedic Blood Sugar Formula 100)
Ayurvedic formula to normalize blood sugar.
8735-6  Homeopathic Parasite (2 fl.oz)
1755-7  Black Walnut Extract (2 fl.oz)
Black Walnut  (100)
Parasites - Above Shoulders. Fights fungal infections and expels tapeworms, parasites, ringworms.  Give internally. Also apply externally to ringworms.
915-2  Herbal Pumpkin (100)
Parasites - Below the Shoulders.
204-7  Olive Leaf Extract (60)
Kills Parasites.
1774-2  Pau d' Arco Extract  (2 fl. oz)
Pau d' Arco  (100)
Pau d' Arco lotion (4 fl. oz)
Helps reduce tumor/polyps, pain, fungus, warts, anemia. Strengthens the immune system. The Argentine gov't gives out free to cancel and leukemia patients. Also for Parasites.
Reproductive System:
X-A  (100)
Promotes health of the reproductive and urinary systems.
Respiratory System:
3166-5  ALJ Liquid  (2 fl. oz)
ALJ  (100)
Allergy Homeopathic (2 fl.oz)
Supports the respiratory system. Use with pets who have asthma or upper respiratory problems. Helps break up mucous. Also helps people who are allergic to cats.
  823-5  Herbal CA (100)
SKL  (150)
Strengthens the structural system. Especially important helping broken bones to knit.
Vitamins & Minerals:
980-5  Three  (100)
Contains three tonic herbs- alfalfa, dandelion, and kelp. Serves as an all-purpose vitamin/mineral supplement.  Even contains those hard to find trace minerals. Helps correct dietary deficiencies. Kills fleas on pets (even more effective when combined with Garlic Oil.) Promotes shiny coats.
1657-9  Zinc 25mg (150)
Assists coat growth. Needed to produce male hormones, metabolize proteins, and repair injured tissues.  Also helps appetite and digestion.  Crush and add to food.
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