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General Nutrition
  It's probably an illusion that Americans are well-nourished. We may be overfed, but not with substantial nutrients. Chances are that most Americans are not getting all the nutritional support they need to maintain good health from their diets alone. 
     Dietary surveys indicated that 30-50 percent of the total caloric intake of the typical American is made up of hightly processed, adulterated and nutrient-deficient food. For example, white flour has been deprived of 60 percent of its original calcium, 71 percent of phosphorus, 75 percent of iron, 67 percent of copper and 85 percent of manganese. The loss of vitamins is similar.
     The National Research Council's Committee on Diet and health has stated, "A comprehensive review... indicates that diet influences the risk of several major chronic disease."
     Studies show that health and longevity are increased by avoiding smoking, drinking moderate amounts of alcohol, or none at all, controlling weight, reducing stress, exercising regularly and eating a well-balanced diet.

Learn to eat smart
The first step to eating smart is making sure your diet includes sufficient amounts of fiber and other essential nutrients, and restricting the amounts of fat and refined sugar and flour that are consumed.
     The American Cancer Society recognizes a relationship between certain types of cancer and the way people eat. Most people should eat as varied a diet as possible and become better acquainted with all kinds of fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, poultry, eggs, 100 percent whole grains, nuts and seeds.
     The American heart Association proposes that total fat intake should be less than 30 percent of total calories consumed. Saturated fat intake should be as low as possible, and polyunsaturated fat should be less than 10 percent.  Amounts of monounsaturated fat can be as high as desired so long as it doesn't increase total fat intake to more than 30 percent of daily calories.
     To ensure that you are geting the nutrients you need, Nature's Sunshine provides products aimed at increasing the levels of general nutrition for all the systems in the body. Supplementing our diets with vitamins and minerals is the best way to get enough of the essential nutrients we need to function at an optimum level and fight disease.
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