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The HomeSpa Party Plan teaches guests how to make All Natural bath and pampering products similar to those bought at popular specialty stores such as Victoria Secrets, Bath & Bodyworks, Sarah Michaels, but without the toxic chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Guests will learn how to make All Natural bath salts, personalized perfumes, body spritzers, massage oils, non-toxic house cleaning products, and more using the NSP Pure  essential oil line. All  at a fraction of the cost they would pay at retail stores. Hostesses earn gifts according to party Sales (up to $75. iin product).
If you are interested in Hosting a HomeSpa "Pamper Me" party and want to get luxurious free gifts, please email me at with your name, address and phone number.
Possibly you are interested in becoming a HomeSpa Presenter?
     Start or enhance your business by signing up new members and earning a profitable income with home parties. The HomeSpa parties incorporate NSP’s premium line of essential oils and gives you a simple, affordable, and fun way to introduce friends and neighbors to your new business - all in the comfort of your home or a friend’s home. The HomeSpa Presenter Kit makes holding a home party simple and fun.
If you are interested in becoming a HomeSpa Presenter/Consultant please email me at
I would love to help you get started.
Interested in Attending a HomeSpa party? Upcoming Parties for myself or any members in my Nature's Sunshine downline will be posted on my Events page. Please Check back often.
HomeSpa Coaching Program—A Fast Track to Aroma Success

Each month more and more people are holding HomeSpa parties. Do you want to boost your business with home parties? Need a way to meet new customers in a fun, informal setting? Would you like to learn the secrets of HomeSpa success? The HomeSpa Coaching Program is underway, and everything’s coming up Roses and Citrus!

This coorespondence  course,  teaches you how to build the business habits that will keep you on the road to success, including booking parties, presenting products, sponsoring business builders and learning a variety of hostess coaching methods.

You’ll also learn more of the rewarding and healing benefits of aromatherapy. Make spa, cosmetic and bath products for your own use or as gifts. Showing others how to use aromatherapy opens the door to natural health and healing for them, while creating business opportunities for you.

Check out Larissa Jones Web site to order the HomeSpa Coaching Program correspondence course.
How to hold a Home Spa Party
Here is how it works:
You ask a friend to host a party.
• The host invites 8–12 of her friends to the party.
• Everyone comes to the party where you introduce Nature’s Sunshine’s essential oil line, show the guests how to use essential oils to make home spa products, tell them about other NSP supplements, and offer guests the opportunity to sign up as members and place an order.
• Your guests ask questions, place orders and sign up.
• Everyone goes home with a gift made at the party.
• Some guests have so much fun that they want to host their own parties.
• You book more parties and the fun continues.
HomeSpa Party and New Herbal Hour Host Incentive
Your friends will want to host HomeSpa parties because hosts are eligible for free product credit based on the total sales from the parties they host. Herbal Hour host incentives will change to follow the HomeSpa party incentives.

Sales (Direct) = Host/Hostess Bonus (Direct)
          $200. = $ product for just $10.
A $10 processing fee (paid by the Presenter) is required to receive the certificate.

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