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Many wonderful tools for All Nature's Sunshine Products Members whether you are a Health Enthusiast or Building your Business:

Aqua Chi Machine -
Looking for a Foot Spa in your area?
Click here
OR are you
Interested in purchasing a machine for your NSP business?
The Aqua-Chi Foot Spa  is a foot bath and spa. You'll feel the energy of a natural hot spring. You'll experience a deep sense of relaxation and a rush of energy. Experience natural healing and a balancing of the electrical body. The revolutionary machine gives you the power to energize water and then use it to dramatically increase your energy and detoxify your body. Just sit back and enjoy a soothing foot bath as you heal yourself naturally, without harmful drugs or painful treatments. Do you want to own your own Aqua-Chi Machine? Follow this link to purchase from Boel Stoddard at Essential Planet . Please mention Karen Doolan referred you, when ordering. www.waterchi.com

Hart Manual Tools
- Reclaiming your Health is Easy...With the Right Tools! The World's #1 Reference for NSP Herbs and Supplements. The Hart Manual is the best tool to have to run your NSP business and help clients learn how to use herbs to heal.. This great NSP business tool can be purchased in  book format or on CD sold by www.herallure.com

Herb Allure - Products and Services for the Natural Health Professionals. Herb Allure is your one-stop-shop for all your natural health needs. Whether you're a natural health professional or just looking to improve the quality of your health, stop by often and check out how these  unique and hard-to-find products can help you change your life.Win Free tools in the Question of the Month Contest.  www.herballure.com

Tree of Light Publishing - Providing the Best in Herbal Education - Tree of Light Publishing is dedicated to producing educational materials to empower people with the knowledge they need to care for their own health, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially and environmentally.The Comprehensive Guide to Nature's Sunshine Products, written by Steven Horne, is the greatest tool to get for both your own health and for your NSP business. I call it my NSP bible. www.treelite.com

Interested in Learning? Join Yahoogroups for NSP members. - Join a variety of Yahoogroups led by successful NSP herbalists, doctors, and practictioners. All FREE.

HerbsPlus4Health - An Independent Distributor of Nature's Sunshine Products selling vitamins, herbs, supplements and much more. www.mynsp.com/herbsplus
Herbsplus4health Blog - Updated Health and Nutrtion blog
Learn about the  body Systems - www.herbsplus4health.com

Terra Cotta Pendants - These Pendants  are great to use with NSP's Essential Oils. Terra Cotta Pendants are hand made with kiln-fired terra cotta clay which absorbs the oil and then allows it to flash off slowly for t he next 24-72 hours.

Sound Concepts - Many Nature's Sunshine tools found here. Here is where you can get The Untold Truth books, CD's, DVD's used to teach our Nationwide seminars. You can purchase these tools for self study or to teach classes. Join our Quest to EDUCATE AMERICA! It is possible to achieve a healthier life via foods, herbs and nutrition.The Untold Truths will open eyes around the world and help many  to take control of their health again. This is the first step to making life changes. www.naturestools.com

NSP on Tape - You can find recordings of our NSP Monthly Teleconference calls and convention recordings here at www.nspontape.com

What Individuals Need in health with NSP - Tools to go from Stranger to Customer to Distributor to Manager and Beyond at WIN-ning speed! www.WinwithNSP.com

On The Personal Side of Life
Terra Cotta Pendants
Diffuse Essential Oils wherever you go with a Terra Cotta Pendant
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